Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thoughts so far..

Were you scared shitless the first time you flew in a plane?
I wasn't.. I was only 9.. but..
Imagine that having your first house built is the same thing.. I refrain from using the term 'building your own home', since there's pretty much STUFF ALL that I have to do with the actual building. It's like saying I flew myself to Australia when I was 9.
When it comes to building a house.. your house.. you tend to be overly concerned about things, because it's your life that you're investing in it, unless you are one of those lucky ones that don't need a 30 year mortgage.. 
In both building and flying.. you need to be secure in the knowledge that the pilot and the engineers know what they're doing. There's no point being a nervous passenger.. 
And on that note.. I am starting to think that Wisdom homes are the Qantas of builders.

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