Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Back on track

Well, we finally found a way around the shortfall in valuation and cost to build, but it entails monetizing our vehicles, which we previously owned outright. Oh well. If it all goes pear shaped there's always the pushbike or public transport. Speaking of which, have spent a lot of time researching the North West rail line. Seems there will be a terminal within 1k of us. Hopefully they'll have the foresight to join the NW rail line to the Richmond line at Schofields.
Also, have been looking at the Alex Avenue precinct and the new release opposite Rouse Hill, or currently known as 'Area 20'. I can imagine that the urban expansion will place the Ponds in the centre of a very well planned and serviced urban area. Only thing that's needed right now is a High School, but from reading the petitions and planning undertaken by government, I am confident they have this in hand. It will just be at the last possible minute, like every thing else..
And I've been looking at the proposal to increase the floor space of the Ponds retail precinct from 1500 sqm to over 7000 sqm. The arguments are very valid, that without a 'core/chore' type shopping precinct, it would fairly quickly devolve into an underused strip mall. Given the density of housing in the ponds, I doubt anyone will oppose a larger supermarket and supporting retailers within a short distance.. The community centre is proposed to be integrated with it.
I am feeling very confident that the master planning behind the Ponds and indeed behind the 'North West Growth' area is well above par, and very confident that our investment will be fruitful.

On other things.
Ponds Review Board have approved the plans, with only a couple of recommendations. I even did the landscape plan myself and saved some money! :)
Plans are now lodged with council. On public display until mid March.
Colour, electrical and kitchen appointments have been done.
Tile and carpet appointments tomorrow

In our release area, I have seen 1 slab go down already, and 2 gradings in preparation for the slab.

View of the neighbour's excavation, 3 doors up.

Our block, 3 months after registration. Australand had to replace part of the retaining wall since the original had a top to bottom crack in 2 places.
The replaced part of the wall looks to be out of level with the rest of it.. Can you see it?