Thursday, 28 June 2012


Warren the site supervisor called yesterday to ask about blocking the frame for the TV's. Generally these are provided to the media room wall etc. Since the chippies were onsite, he wanted to know if we needed extra blocking in the master bedroom near the door.
When i inspected later, he'd put blocking on the walls you'd expect to see a TV in every bedroom too!

Sparkies were also onsite, and have all the wiring in.
Next step is insulation to walls and ceiling, then the gyprock, which is still slated for delivery this week.

The moved tree.
Most of the nature strip here seems very poorly drained. I doubt the turf will survive, but we did move clumps of it to where the tree used to be [right of the picture]
The tree also seems to have some sort of disease in its leaves.
 Blocking in the internal walls of the master bedroom. This is to allow a TV to be wallmounted.

 Cables in place for the up/down lighting on the porch. One of the wooden supports has been removed. Not sure why this one has been left..
Garage with supports removed and wiring installed for up/down light on far pillar.  

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