Saturday, 2 June 2012

Room with a view

Quick driveby this morning before Mack's soccer match.
The windows have been tacked in [they're held in with only a couple of nails]
I imagine the chippies will be back at some point to make sure they're square and level.
Bricks will be delivered on Monday, and laying will start on the same day, Tuesday at the latest.

 Timber frames to the master bedroom. These smelt very fresh, the oil was hardly dry..
 Kitchen slit window, outdoor leisure to the left.
This window has two open ends [slide to centre]
Maybe able to pass through utensils and so on, even though it's not designed for it.. The designed pass through window was considerably more..
 Slit windows in the family leisure room. This room is quite large. Can only appreciate it once the internal frame is in place. Hopefully there'll be an opportunity to add some batons [or is it noggins?] to the central frame to aid in hanging a TV.
View from inside the master bedroom.
There's also one supplemental benefit. The double storey house on Supply Street has blocked the view of the water supply tower.

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