Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Framed again

On the way back from school on the same day it started, the frame is nearly done!
If Rome wasn't built in a day, they probably didn't use these subbies. Wisdom Homes, you ROCK !

 View to the rear.. I am not sure why the chipboard panels cover these areas, perhaps to contain the yet to be installed insulation, or perhaps there is no electrical or plumbing due to go through in these parts?

**EDIT** Mate of mine has told me these are structural supports to prevent the frame from skewing. Nailed in many places to hold the shape.
 The chippie is putting in the bath frame in the main bathroom. Foreground is Mack's room.

 Bedroom 2, with the walk in robe n the far wall, walk in pantry to its left.
View from the neighbours across to the outdoor leisure at the right. Is currently supported by two bits of wood until the brickies deliver the piers.


Yesterday afternoon nothing had changed on the site.
This morning on the way back from school, the frame had been delivered, and the walls were pretty much done. This is at 9:15! A team of about 7 chippies were swearing at each other [one was swearing quite loudly since he had earmuffs on], but that's how they roll. It was like watching an assembly line.

Yesterday afternoon

This morning.

View through Mack's room, the study nook and wardrobes have already been framed. Through the wall is the laundry [which seems smaller than i remember]

View through to the leisure room and kitchen on the left, Mack's room on the right

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Everything is plumb

Plumbers were out this morning as scheduled.
View to the media room 'alcove'?  This is where the water tank would normally go.

Water meter installed and 150 litres of water used.. but it's not even connected? Zoom in and you'll see it
View from the retaining wall. There's not as much fall to the slab as I thought there'd be.
You can see how the waffle pods are distributed, by the grid pattern.. The concrete beams between the pods take longer to cure, hence the darker colour.
The spoil from the earthworks has also been moved next door.. See the huge pile of dirt over the fence?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Solid foundation

With the formwork removed, we can finally see and appreciate the size of this thing. It's awesome!

Friday, 18 May 2012


On the way to the late school start courtesy of the teachers federation, Mack and I cruised by the site. The concrete pump was already packing up and the subbies were removing the formwork.
Just some polishing and finishing left to do.
Next stop.. drainage and frames. Just spoke to Warren the site supervisor, he reckons the drainage will go in next wednesday, after some time for the slab to cure, and the frames will go up on the following Monday!

View from the rear retaining wall
 Outdoor leisure and family room in foreground
 Outdoor leisure at 85mm step down
Garage & porch, master suite in background

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ready to pour

Afternoon driveby revealed the formwork completed, term guards on all pipes and electric feeds, reo and pods installed. I have a feeling the slab will be poured tomorrow. It's a 2 hour stop work meeting in the schools tomorrow morning, so I may drag Mack along to watch the slab going down ;-) 

View from the rear across the laundry to Mack's room
The slab plan calls these diagonal bars '2-N12 BARS 1500 LONG, TYPICAL, TIED TO UNDERSIDE OF FABRIC'.

Tied with garbage bag ties.
Still, I can appreciate the engineering need for them where the slab steps in or out.


Amazingly, a driveby of the site today revealed the S&G subbies out doing the pods.
It looked 50% complete at 8.45 !
Wonder if the pour will be this afternoon or tomorrow?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Electricity & Plumbing

Scooted past the site on the way to school this afternoon.

The electrician has been and has hooked up the power. Seems that the meter box may be on the master bedroom side, assuming the cable will go directly to the meter box first. Will need to keep this in mind when it comes time to landscape.
Plumbers were digging the drainage channels and putting in the pipes.
And the steel reo has been delivered.
I reckon there might be a slab down very soon!
Weather forecast seems perfect for it too !

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Piers have been poured

Arrived back on site during lunch to see what was going on. As I arrived, a concrete truck was waiting on the road. The concrete truck already on site was packing up. The waiting truck then backed up and started unloading into the pump, and the concretor went from hole to hole with the pump hose, cigarette hanging from his lip. All up there were about 6 guys on site, and they'd finished the whole thing by the time I left half hour later.

View from the street. Hopefully I'll be able to compile a timelapse type transition from this view as I can almost take the photo from the same position each time.
This is the side outdoor leisure. The white post is the boundary, so it's quite close. Still, the side leisure makes good use of the area here. There's room for a small garden, BBQ, landscape features, or perhaps a feature wall in lieu of the fence.
View from the rear retaining wall.

View from the far side. The block extends about a metre past the retaining wall. Can't wait to turn that backyard into an 'outdoor room'.. Pool perhaps?

Piering and formwork

Dropped by the site on the way back from school this morning, and there's some more activity happening today!  The pier drilling is happening now, and the formwork is following.

Finally get to see where the house stops and the back garden begins. The garden is a very good size for a modern suburb. We paid a premium for it. It will be worth every cent!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A 'site' for sore eyes

Finally, the dirt has been moved, and the site has been moulded into something that looks like it's ready for piering and plumbing and podding and pouring.

Monday, 7 May 2012

So it begins

Past weekend we finally saw some activity on the block.
Temp fencing and the crushed concrete for the driveway, and a portaloo. 

Can't wait to see the slab down, it'll be the first time we can actually size up how big the back garden will be.
Having the fencing go in actually does give a good indication of the block size rather than trying to eye it.

There's a couple of houses in the silverleaf release that are already near completion. Once these builders get started it's incredible how fast things progress.
I have noticed that there's a large proportion of Eden Brae homes going up, and all these started at about the same time, so I wonder if they're 'house and land' packages from that particular builder. 
Around the corner from us are two aluminium framed houses [from the same builder], and a new excavation beside them.