Saturday, 23 June 2012

All digging in

So we were required to move one of the council trees, so that it wasn't so close to where the driveway will be. Took an hour or so, and will require another trip back in the morning with more tools to finish off.
We also moved all the excess bricks to the back corner of the yard and made a 'deck' from the spare pallets.

Starting to see more faults in the mortar, and in some of the levels of the doors and windows. The expansion joints haven't been finished yet so I imagine there'll be some touch ups to the mortar after cleaning.

On the whole though, the house is really coming along and it was good to spend a couple of hours out there with the in laws :)  Was quite a nice afternoon.

 Kitchen window and 'side garden'
 The brick store, some of which were dug out of the clay and rubbish! Also grabbed some replacement roof tiles if they're ever needed. To the right is the deck
Contrast of bricks and wood in the windows

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