Monday, 7 May 2012

So it begins

Past weekend we finally saw some activity on the block.
Temp fencing and the crushed concrete for the driveway, and a portaloo. 

Can't wait to see the slab down, it'll be the first time we can actually size up how big the back garden will be.
Having the fencing go in actually does give a good indication of the block size rather than trying to eye it.

There's a couple of houses in the silverleaf release that are already near completion. Once these builders get started it's incredible how fast things progress.
I have noticed that there's a large proportion of Eden Brae homes going up, and all these started at about the same time, so I wonder if they're 'house and land' packages from that particular builder. 
Around the corner from us are two aluminium framed houses [from the same builder], and a new excavation beside them. 

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