Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Framed again

On the way back from school on the same day it started, the frame is nearly done!
If Rome wasn't built in a day, they probably didn't use these subbies. Wisdom Homes, you ROCK !

 View to the rear.. I am not sure why the chipboard panels cover these areas, perhaps to contain the yet to be installed insulation, or perhaps there is no electrical or plumbing due to go through in these parts?

**EDIT** Mate of mine has told me these are structural supports to prevent the frame from skewing. Nailed in many places to hold the shape.
 The chippie is putting in the bath frame in the main bathroom. Foreground is Mack's room.

 Bedroom 2, with the walk in robe n the far wall, walk in pantry to its left.
View from the neighbours across to the outdoor leisure at the right. Is currently supported by two bits of wood until the brickies deliver the piers.

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