Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Piers have been poured

Arrived back on site during lunch to see what was going on. As I arrived, a concrete truck was waiting on the road. The concrete truck already on site was packing up. The waiting truck then backed up and started unloading into the pump, and the concretor went from hole to hole with the pump hose, cigarette hanging from his lip. All up there were about 6 guys on site, and they'd finished the whole thing by the time I left half hour later.

View from the street. Hopefully I'll be able to compile a timelapse type transition from this view as I can almost take the photo from the same position each time.
This is the side outdoor leisure. The white post is the boundary, so it's quite close. Still, the side leisure makes good use of the area here. There's room for a small garden, BBQ, landscape features, or perhaps a feature wall in lieu of the fence.
View from the rear retaining wall.

View from the far side. The block extends about a metre past the retaining wall. Can't wait to turn that backyard into an 'outdoor room'.. Pool perhaps?

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