Friday, 13 July 2012

Wisdom goes up a peg

Warren called today and said he'd looked at the laundry door and agreed the door was too close to the internal wall, and he'd fix it.
What he didn't mention was that they were already working on it. Turned up this afternoon and it had all been taken care of. All finished.
Very impressed, and very pleased.
The wet area tile beds had also been finished, Warren says the wet area tiles will be going in next week, then the painters will be in for a couple of weeks, then the main area flooring goes in.
5-6 weeks before we'll be in. 


Kitchen, completed. Just waiting on the caesarstone tops
Outdoor leisure. Awesome outdoor space!
Cornice completed.

 Porch tiles had arrived, so I checked the colour match. After the separate colour, kitchen and tile appointments, you're never 100% on how things will look together until they are. These choices were made back in February and March.

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