Friday, 6 July 2012

Lock em up

Warren called. The doors and cornices and light fittings are going in today.
Next week, the waterproofing, tiling and kitchen/laundry will be fitted.
Not sure when the painting gets done. Would have thought before the flooring goes in.

 WOW! The doors haven't been clear-glazed yet, they look kinda raw, and there's some barging that still needs to be fitted around them.
 The entry. The sparkie had just moved to the next room after placing the light fitting here.
 Cornices. Decorative in the living areas, and standard curves in the bedrooms.
More cornice!
 Pantry doors are on.
Laundry door. I don't remember specifying wood finish, but that's what we got.
From the dining room.
The guys doing the doors were having lunch in the study, they might be finished today by all accounts.

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