Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Don't fence me in..

Drove out to see the block this afternoon and all the construction fences have been moved to the next land release. Today was the first time I could actually drive to and park in front of our block of land.
One thing that is noticeable by it's absence is the noise of the traffic from where we live now. I really hope the new road stays as quiet and peaceful as it is now.
The block is starting to get a bit wild looking after all the rains recently. Lots of grass coverage, plus a huge cow turd had been deposited right in the middle of it. I actually thought at first that someone had been out to do a bore hole or something. Saline soil eh? oh.. by the way.. if you are reading this and like me were doubtful about saline soil at the Ponds.. read
In fact, do yourself a favour and 'do a google' on :  salinity second ponds creek

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